Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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Commis 1, 2 & 3

Posted: 21 Mar 2018 02:21 AM PDT

<p>We are currently seeking for passionate and dynamic Kitchen professionals who pride themselves on their ability to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service and provide creative solutions to our guests.&nbsp;</p>


Posted: 21 Mar 2018 02:15 AM PDT

<p>We are looking for a skilled&nbsp;Waiter to take orders and deliver food and beverages to our customers.</p> <p>The right Waiter uplifts the dining experience for customers. We are looking for someone who will have the patience, personality and perseverance to thrive in this role.</p>

Chef De Parties

Posted: 21 Mar 2018 02:11 AM PDT

<p>A&nbsp;chef de partie&nbsp;is responsible for all culinary dishes that are prepared in their section. Because of this, a successful chef de partie must be very knowledgeable about his or her speciality, as well as culinary functions in general. A person in this role must also be very organized and comfortable working in a high-pressure environment. A chef de partie must also be able to give orders within their section, as well as reliably carry out orders handed down to them by the sous chef and head chef.</p>

Sous Chef

Posted: 21 Mar 2018 01:35 AM PDT

<p>We are looking for a professional&nbsp;Sous Chef&nbsp;to be the second in command in our kitchen, following our Executive Chef&rsquo;s specifications and guidelines. The successful candidate will employ its culinary and managerial skills in order to play a critical role in maintaining and enhancing our customers&rsquo; satisfaction.</p>

Web Developer

Posted: 21 Mar 2018 12:13 AM PDT

<p>Social Media Promotion (SMP) Nepal is looking for webdeveloper.</p>


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