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Front End Designer / Developer

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 11:58 PM PST

<p>We are seeking an experienced<strong> Front End Developer</strong> able to put together visually stunning, responsive, interactive designs. He/She will understand a list of project requirements and will work closely with creative leads along with back-end developers</p> <p>You will be the lead front-end and graphics designer in the company and will work directly with the creative leaders and other employees to come up with new ideas and move designs in the right direction.</p>

Marketing Executive

Posted: 29 Nov 2017 03:50 AM PST

<p>The ideal candidate will be passionate for the &ldquo;art&rdquo; of marketing and will have an abundance of ideas for building efficient strategies. He/she must bring forth a strong arsenal of techniques and methods to promote our products, services and public image. The goal is to reach out to the market and cultivate the customer&rsquo;s interest in our products and services in ways that strengthen our reputation and facilitate our continuous growth.</p>

Counselor for Australia and US

Posted: 17 Oct 2017 02:02 AM PDT

<p>We are seeking a qualified Guidance&nbsp;Counsellor&nbsp;to support students through a well-prepared counselling program. You will serve as the facilitator for the attaining of students&rsquo; academic or career goals.The goal is to enable the students to become mature and well-functioning adults.</p>

Marketing Manager

Posted: 13 Jun 2017 04:01 AM PDT

<p>We are looking for the personnel who is responsible for managing&nbsp;marketing, advertising and promoting staffs and activities at a company. He who takes steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the&nbsp;position&nbsp;and image of a company through various goals and objectives is mostly preferred.</p>

Country Specific Counselor

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 01:56 AM PDT

<ul> <li>Communication, Coordination with educational institutions i.e. college/ university.</li> <li>Counsel to seeking students and their parents.</li> <li>Assure students and their parents to select appropriate college and universities.</li> <li>Prepare required documents and Proceed documentation.</li> </ul>


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